Monday, February 28, 2011


I have not wrote a word since I got here.  I been too busy thinking about what's next?  Here is a list of things that have stoled my time from me.

1.  Where's my training manual?
2.  Where's the campus gym?
3.  Where are my friends on my floor?
4.  Where is my co-teacher?
5.  Where is an umbrella?
6.  Why is there bugs in seafood soup?
7.  When can I skype?

So, as you can see the first nine days in Korea and the two after that have been amazingly busy and difficult.  However, it has been mighty rewarding too!  I was at a univeristy for the first 9 days living in a dorm.  I eat dorm food (Korean style) with 400 international teachers and had classes until 8pm every night.  After that, we had to prepare for the next day and somehow manage go painting the town til 1am.  Yep, 9 days in a row of 1am.  I liketa run myself into the ground.  Despite all this, it was more than fun.  I've pretty much never met a bigger group of interesting people.  Lot of people from South Africa, Canada, UK, Ireland, New Z. and Australia.

After these action packed days, I finally arrived in Incheon.  There were 12 teachers in my group.  Most of the other cities had more like 60 teachers going to each region.  We were lucky to have such a small group.  Now, I've met my co-teacher and seen the school and my most greatest loft house.  It is sweet!  Living on the 10th floor looking over the city is pretty sweet.  I got to see my friends from before and meet there 4 year old boy Jay-gwan.  He's pretty funny and he tries to talk to me all the time. LOL! Funny!  I ate raw beef and bug soup, so I been livin' large too.  I went to a Western bar and it was lame.  Just a bunch of idiot who complain about life in Korea. LOL!  That's about it for now.


OneBigHappy said...

You are in your element, by which I mean: a new element that you can explore and discover. You always amaze me. Great to hear from you. You are missed.

K-Dogg said...

life in Korea sucks too eh?! LOL

we're a bunch of complainers aren't we. :-) lol

High on the Hog said...

K-dogg.. perhaps you should reread the post and notice the word 'rewarding'!!!!!! That's the key. LOL

High on the Hog said...

K-dogg.. perhaps you should reread the post and notice the word 'rewarding'!!!!!! That's the key. LOL

Burkulater said...

Sounds like a good time! 10th floor sounds cool!