Monday, April 4, 2011

Long Time No Write

I've wanted to write for about a week and I just couldn't pull myself toward this keyboard to write.  I've been sick.  Sick ain't fun.  I don't think I've ever had the cold that travels before.  It started after having some nice cake at an expensive coffee shop.  It had a curtain around the table and the ever so common button on the table to call the server.  Yep, I ain't kidding!  There's a server who treats you like gold as you take each and every sup of coffee.  I felt fine then, but then I took the subway home and then it started.  My stomach started hurting more worser than you could imagine.  Then I woke up and liketa fell over from the nasty feeling in my core.  I forced myself to get up and get ready. It's Saturday in Korea!  That means your friends expect you to travel to the capital of 12 million and party!  How can you not show up when about 30 people you know has been sending you e-mails all week about how fun it will be?  So, I got up took the subway alone to meet up with a few friends.  We went the rest of the way.  When we transfered on the subway, I felt as if I become a tiny little piss ant.  We crammed in and then more people pushed and pulled until there was more people than should be allowed in 2 subway cars.  I ain't tellin' no joke!  I had bodies touching every part of my entire body except my head and neck.  Remember, I was sick too!  No wonder people get sick so much here.

My sickness has changed into a sore throat, chest cold, headache and terrible cough with nasty stuff lurkin' in my lungs.  It just won't budge.  Despite this, my days have been filled with unstoppable fun.  It just don't stop. I don't never get bored.  It's just too much to do.  My sink currently has egg shells that needs to be cleaned out.  I'll get to that when I finish this post.  School is just a job.  Dynamic Korea is just a way to say that it is organized.  They gonna give me the third monthly schedule tomorrow that I've had in 4 days.  I don't think they can make up their minds as to what they want me to do.  I'll keep putting on a content face at school.  They don't need to know no different.  I started my Korean lessons last Thursday with a Korean friend.  We have a great time.  My friends gets to practice English as I learn Korean so it is a bit of a language exchange.  Free is good.

Then there is my church.  I liked my church in the cold hard town.  Well, I liked many of the people.  Let's just say that my church here is full of awesome people.  It is a bit crazy.  The pastor is from Michigan.  He likes Africa too!  9 times out of 10 when he's a preachin' I feel as if I'm the only person there.  I actually focus on what's being said and it applies to me.  I really enjoy it!  Beyond that, it ain't a week that goes by where they ain't a dinner after.  I even had South African food.  It is 100% meat.  How cool is that?  Protein is scarce here in Korea, so that was a treat.  We usually go out to eat.  It is strange going to a huge church with 10s of services.  I don't know anyone in any of the other services.  Besides, they are all Korean, so it is what it is.  There's a bible museum one floor up from my service in the education building.  Now that's amazing.  I want to visit it soon.  I hope it stays as fun and interesting for a good long while.  They ain't no other place like it in the world. I can promise you that.


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Miss you my bruthuh.