Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I like to do things in a kind of routine.  My friends here tell me that I am very scheduled.  I have to be.  It's too much going on all of the time.  I get my week planned out a week before it comes.  This week, every single hour is pretty much planned out for me.  I had to ask for 'early leaves' today in order to head off to the bank tomorrow.  It is something that is difficult to ask for.  I only get eight hours a year for this sort of thing.  I will send a small chunk of money back to the homestead and get my long awaited American check for my passport renewal.  They ain't no other time to do it, and they's very limited time before my next work visa must be done.  Time has flew so fast here this year.  I ain't never had a more faster year in my whole life.  It seems like every week is like me climbing a mountain in Nepal just trying to get it all done.

I've been lucky enough to find a nice Indian restaurant that is only a block from my house.  You gotta understand that this is Korea, so they ain't many places like this here.  The owners are from Nepal.  It is an interesting place.  He speaks rather good Korean, but his English ain't the best.  His wife don't speak English or Korean which makes for some funny conversations.  I bought some hand made gloves off of her that were made in Nepal for a gift.  It cost me about $2.  That's crazy!  I go there about 2x a week for some chicken and some rice.  It is pretty good.  I go when I ain't go the energy to cook.  It's so many weird/odd things there.  The owner has 3 front teeth.  I guess he has some weird 3rd tooth in between his main ones.  It cracks up my friends that goes there too.  Today I treated 3 of my friends to a free dinner using my club card filled with 30 stamps.  Then they took our picture cuz I'z the first to redeem my card.  I guess that it's another teacher who has 3 full cards who ain't brung in a party of 4 to get his $65 dollar meal for free.  The little Nepal place is quite an interesting place.  Oh.. I almost forgot to tell you that sometimes the owner wears this random pearl earring.  It is so funny! LOL!

I guess my readership is pretty much higher in Europe than it is in the US or in Korea.  I find that odd.  I guess now that I've wrote about Nepal that it might could start in Nepal too.  Who knows?  I'm surprised that they's people that reads my blog all over the world about my crazy random life over here in my loft house on the 10th floor in the city of Incheon, South Korea.  Nepal would be a cool place to visit.  I know someone who went there on a mission trip to tell people about the love of Jesus for the first time.  I guess they told them about how Jesus was born in a barn, lived a perfect life, died for everyone's sins and then rose from the grave to prove that he is God.  They did this while living beside of a river and using it to cool their food in a cooler.  Maybe I should go there some day and see if they still remember my friend who told them all of this for the first time.  That would be super interesting.

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