Friday, December 23, 2011

Sore Mind

My mind is numb from sitting at work doing nothing.  You see....most people dream of such a job.  Well, it isn't a job at all.  I am treated like a after-thought at best, which I have grown to enjoy a bit.  It used to get on my nerves.  I've come to expect it.  I sit there and try my best to include the others in my daily life and whatever.  It is just hard when they are kind of too shy to even talk to me.  I don't care how well or bad somebody speaks English as long as I can communicate with them.  It takes a good long time, but whatever.  It don't bother me because mostly I'm bored clear out of my mind.

Everything here is just a bit harder than it needs to be.  I tried to do a bit of work here at home and I realized that I ain't got the right word processor.  My laptop from the US cannot read 'Hangul' which is the Korean letter system.  Now I'll drag myself out to a PC room and pay to do work that I forgot to do at work because it is so rare that I actually have to do anything.  I know that it don't seem right, but you have to remember that my mind has went numb.

I have a funny student who is in 2nd grade middle school here which would be 8th grade back home.  One day as I was walking down the freezing hallway he stopped me to ask me about Jesus.  He pointed to his heart and to mine and just kept saying Jesus and then giving a thumbs up.  It was really funny.  Then I seen him cleaning the wall for a few  hours a couple weeks after.  I ask him what he was doing and he didn't want to even try and explain.  I asked him in my limited Korean if he smokes and he said no.  I knew that is the reason why he was cleaning the wall.  First he told me no and that his clothes only smelled like it and then I bothered him and explained why it is not a good idea to do that.  By the end, we were laughing which is sort of cool.

I've went totally crazy this week because of the fact that I've needed to renew my passport.  I used the courier system that the embassy suggested.  The idiots picked up my mail and didn't give a tracking number  or a receipt.  Of course, they didn't come on time so I wadn't there on Saturday morning when the showed up.  I give the company a call and tried to speak 'English' the person there who speaks 'English'.  They didn't want to talk to me much cuz my co-teacher had set it all up.  What a joke!! My co-teacher is 'too busy' to follow up on my personal stuff, but it was in her name and she speaks Korean.  So, for a week I looked for my passport by any means possible without a tracking number.  The idiots finally give  me a tracking number 15 hours before they delivered it to the embassy which was ever bit of 5 days too late.  So yes, my mind is numb from all of this.

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