Monday, June 8, 2009

The Cage

My mom has been asking for a dog for about six months. You have to understand that she flipped her shit about two years ago, so anything that might bring germs isn't the best of ideas. I said that I wouldn't get one for her, but I I finally did. We went to the pet store and got us a little puppy. He rocks. I generally hate dogs. However, this'n is sweet. He can hardly walk and he sounds more like a rabbit than a dog. Before I bought the puppy I got him a cage. I never thought that buying this stupid cage would cause me so much thought.

The little guy has to take him a pee about every 2 or 3 hours. He just ain't that big, so he can't hold hisself long. So me or my mom brings him outside to do his stuff and he mostly just jumps on us or 'runs' after us until he forgets that he is supposed to be taking a pee. While he is in the cage, he wants to pee. However, when he gets outside he'd rather play and forgets to pee. As soon as he stops playing, he takes a little leak.

I hate putting him in his cage. I feel so bad for him. He whines like a hurt pup. I do not like to hear him fuss and moan but leaving him out of his cage allows him to chew on tables and pee at everwhich place he wants. So, he'd probably hurt hisself and turd everywhere. So it helps him and us that he's in his cage when we are not at home. However, he hates it while it is happening. I went to thinkin' that sometimes life is like a cage. We don't even know what is out there that will hurt us, but those around us can see it from a mile away. It irks us that others tell us that certain things are not good for us, but we are blind to it. We want out of the cage of protection, but the grass is certainly not greener on the other side. I remember when I was a teen my family would warn me of stuff that I should not do. I done as I seen fit, then I paid for the consequences then or 5 years after. Our perspectives are always just as wide as our experiences and they ain't much compared to all of the knowledge in the universe.