Friday, June 19, 2009

Many Things

I have thought many a thing in the last week that could have been a post worthy, but today I'll try and fit a few of them into one post. You know...., politics, religion and fun times is the best!

I can certainly believe that North Korea is about to do something dumb. Send a rocket our way and we'll wipe you off the face of the planet. The only problem with that is tons of people will certainly die and I'm sure that other groups will join in. Don't forget that Iran is a waitin' to rage too. You got the educated people and young people showing that living without freedom is against their idea of a good life. Lots of people hate Isreal there, so hey..., seems like a combo of bad stuff getting itself into a nice little line. I can't help but think that times are getting to be worse and worse. Forget the jobless rate in the states. People have been convinced that they need the One to provide for them. He can pay house payments and even give health care for everyone. I can see the praise and worship a rollin' in now. Arrr.... I guess if you kill people before they are borned, you ain't got to provide for them!

When I was a drivin' down the road the other day I seen a bug holding on for dear life on my window. I was going something like 45 mph when he finally fell off and done whatever. I wonder if he died. Who knows? I just kept looking over to see if he was still there. I sorta felt bad for the little guy for some reason. I guess I should have killed him like the One did to that fly. PETA would certainly like to write me a letter. LOL!

I'm so excited that my weekend class got cut in July. I was not too happy that I was gonna have to miss church for the last few weeks that I was going to be in Detroit before moving to Alaska. I'm totally goin' camping for a weekend and would love to fit in any amount of fun times on the weekends. I feel as if I'm on vacation only working 4 days a week. I ain't done that since high school. FUN TIMES!

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