Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Quick Look at the News

There is just so much going on in this country. I am starting to not identify with what this country is doing. We are taking from people who have accomplished great things and giving to lazy people and those who do not work hard. Then the health care service or care that hard working people get will be below what they have worked for in order to provide for themselves. We are supposed to give freely WITHOUT being forced.

Why does 'Bomber' want to control/have all of the houses in America that are not being paid for and force the former owners to pay the government rent. What the hell is that? I am so angry. He done stole most of the banking industry, owns much of GM and now he wants our houses. What a nut job. He ain't a givin' crap. No, he is going to steal from the rich to pay for shit-pot health care without choices. Grandma won't get her care and she'll be told that she ain't worth it. Just take a pain pill. What?????? I no longer feel the need to pretend that I'm indifferent. I hate what is happening in this country.

Thirdly, this wonderful woman being appointed to the highest court in the land is a sham. She can't even say if she thinks killing a baby is okay or not. Is that above her pay grade. It seems like 'Bomber' can pick 'em. Those who are rich and not payed their taxes and idiots who ain't even got a clue about human life. I am proud that this woman has been able to become what she has become. However, if she got there by getting extra bonus points on a test cuz she ain't white, it is alll crap. Who cares that she was poor? Who cares her parents were immigrants? Nearly everyone in the USA once had family who came from somewhere else!! Arrr. This country is soon going to be much worse. Just tax and spend and take from the rich. After all, they are the problem because they have shown success. They make the jobs, so take away their money so they can't make any. That makes sense!

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Burkulater said...

Rant away.

"I no longer feel the need to pretend I am indifferent."

Yeah right. You don't do much pretendin'!