Friday, July 24, 2009

Um... This Makes No Sense!

They's been a few thing's that have been going on that get on my nerves. First, my appartment in Alaska has been so messed up. I guess there was some sort of handover of the building in June. I give them my deposit which ended up not being a normal thing to do. I had no idea, but the guy who took my money charged me the maximum amount for any unit at that complex without asking questions about my needs. He took to runnin' with my money clear across town. Keep in mind that he's about 2 miles from where he once run the business. Now he's doing something else. This guy and his girlfriend have been in town for 1 year and have done went through a bunch of deals with a bunch of townspeople. He offered me a new place a mile from school for $1,100. How funny is that? I had no idea which to take since the current owner first told me that I'd have to get the money from the original guy. The school advised me to stay where I was planning on staying. It is so hard to navigate through small town politics! LOL! Regardless, I'm a gonna get my money back and that's all that matters at this point.

Secondly, my student from last semester is claiming that he/she deserves a B. However, he/she got an E. They's no doubt about it. He/she refused to take the oral part of the French final and never once passed a test. I guess it's the culture requires handouts is what gets on my nerves so much. This student clearly ain't learned much and certainly don't deserve a B. Why not ask for a D- at the most. Mabye I'd feel sorry for the humble student. When you ain't passed a single test, one could argue that you could only fail. I bet they will side with him/her cuz that's how the big "D" rolls. LOL!

How funny is it that Obamer took back his comments about the police officer acting 'stupidly' when the police officer arrested the 'civil rights' activist? If you are breaking into a house and refuse to show ID, you'd better expect to say more than, "You don't know who I am." No wonder he was arrested. Today, Bomber took back his comments when he realized how STUPID he was. I believe that he took back the comments that he flippantly spoke. Those are his true feelings, but those are not accepted by the majority of Americans. In the process we got another insight into his true belief system. Maybe he'll make fun of cognitively impaired people again too. Who knows what types of bluders he's a gonna do!!?


K-Dogg said...

he makes me crazy. i love how the Pres just calls a cop "stupid" for doing his job. that is just crazy! like NObama has a flippin clue how to do actual police work. sometimes it's obvious when a cop is overstepping his boundaries. this time the black guy was crying racism in order to make an issue out of nothing.

Burkulater said...

I like him.