Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time's a Tickin!

I can't keep everything in order that needs done before I go. I try to see everyone and buy everything and fill out this and that paper and every other thing. Time is passing so fast before I have to go. I am sure that most everything will not get done when I get to Alaska. I have no idea what I'm taking or what I'm leaving. Am I taking this or that cd? I know that I can't do everything that should be done. Obligations are sometimes dumb. For example, I have to do things that are very boring/annoying just to keep certain family members happy. I know that when I get right close to the very last days here in Michigan other things will pop up which will push back packing. I will forget stuff and whatever and in the end I'll be there a livin' large. LOL! Not really.

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