Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Berry or Two

So, I've made it through right close to one week here in the Cold Hard Town. It ain't bad so far. I'm in my class but I ain't sure what's a goin' on with it or in it. I got things in my class at the floor that ain't mine mixed with stuff that is. Who knows? Time off the next few weeks is gonna give me some time to work things out.

Yesterday I went out a bit and did a bit of berry picking. It was awesome! Never thought that I'd say that! Today the first thing I done was separate the berries that I picked and got online. It was so slow even with two computers this afternoon, but this morning it was a movin' along just fine. Ain't sure what makes a difference. It still makes me laugh that I have 2 computers side by side and I hear that they's others that do the same thing. Interesting. Tonight I'll go a pickin' wild berries again and get ready for my 'work day' at work. I have to get things squared away in my classroom and have a good idea what I'll be a doin in terms of classwork. I can't move in too much to my inn cuz I'll be moving again soon.

So, now that my life's starting to seem more normal they's a gonna be some more changes 'round the bend. Let's see what they are.


The Red One said...

you should really speak some "proper" English sometimes. Just a thought.

hillary said...

I dare you to write a grammatically correct blog. I dare you.

Burkulater said...

You should be a moose huntin'.