Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Days Go A Driftin' Along

So yesterday was super sweet too. I went to work where I had this crazy online training with someone the reading teachers. So I just sit there and tried to figure out what the new online stuff is all about. It is funny that I am supposed to be the specialist. OH WOW! I ain't got much of a clue. I'm a gettin there.

I finally moved into my new apt. which is about 5 times bigger than the one that I had for the first 3 weeks. After a long day of computer training, I had to move each and every single thing into this new bigger apt. Keep in mind that I only had 2 hours to do this and get ready to go to a new teacher's meal which was about 15 minutes away. I got picked up as usual and we went shopping. The prices are crazy. Just count on spending 4x the price of whatever back home. It is one of the only things that has give me a headache since I got here. We had a hillbilly meal like none other. Chili with cornbread topped with sour cream and cheese. They's right close to every hillbilly in town there. Man was it awesome. We listened to awesome music and eat together. The first group of people left and we went for a walk until other people happened in. It was sweet. They drunk theirselves into la-la-land and I laughed myself crazy. It was nuts. Good times!

Today, I slept in like a child and went to fixin' up my new appt. They's stuff all over the place. However, I can now find things that I have been a lookin' for. I went to school and done a fair bit of organizational stuff. Still ain't got no idea what's gonna happen on Monday when the students come. I just know that stuff ain't the way it should be so I'll be a workin' like crazy to get things better for a long while. My school has went from chaos to almost organized, but without a class list 2 days before school starts, they's mass confusion among many of us. More funny stuff to come.