Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Liked to Forget

Some days just are so cool for so many reasons. I had a super sweet day yesterday. First I helped my friend move a fouton and then I went to a little restaurant and ate the most wonderfulest of sandwiches. I guess my friend was sleeping on the floor which must have been horrible. I couldn't imagine not sleeping on at least a mat. When I was living in a tent I still had a mat. Sleeping is one of the best things ever created.

Yeah, I also went to the doctor for the first time in about 3 years. He had nothing to say other than everything was fine. I sort of knew that, but on the other hand it ain't like he really looked for anything wrong. It was a super dumb clinic where I paid the least possible to get a real doctor to sign a sheet saying that I was okay to teach. I'm sure that the limited horrible health care that Bomber is a lookin' to 'give us' is gonna be at least as bad. LOL

While in Ann Arbor we seen this guy holding a sign as we pulled off the freeway. I was thinking, "instead of holding a sign for money, go work". It was sort of a jerk thing to think, but then I actually read the sign. It said, "ALL OF US HAS STARS AND STRIPES, BUT ONLY DOLLY PARTON CAN MAKE US RAISE OUR FLAG POLES". I almost crashed while laughing. We dropped off the fouton and went downtown. Fun times. I got a 8 dollar caramel apple which was stupid, but among the best buys I ever made. While walking around the city we passed a group of Quebeckers which also made my day. I decided to randomly say something in French with a Quebecker accent which stunned them. The look on their faces was priceless. We went to the library and I checked my e-mail and realized that I forgot to go to work. I couldn't never make that up. I never have forgot to go to work in all of my life. I was so mad at myself and then I realized that it don't make one bit of difference. I picked the best day in the world to forget to go to work. I guess I shouldn't have thought that the bum shouldn't went to work rather than holding a sign. LOL

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Burkulater said...

I think God sent the man that sign just for you to see.