Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alaskan Flagger

Today I took a free Alaskan roadside flagger class. I guess my friend works at a place where I help out so she was able to get me a $75 class. I took it and it was certainly strange. I won't get into too many details, but let's say that it was different. Only in Alaska type situations everywhere. Anyway, they gonna put in a new road or two next year up here and if they pay what I hear, I'll be a doin' that in the summer. We'll see how that goes. I can just see myself a standin' there when flagging a road when a moose comes wandering past and scares the shit out of me. LOL!


Burkulater said...

flaggin a road?

Samara said...

It was the best day ever.

And there isn't gonna be a moose near the roads. If a moose gets too close to town, it becomes dinner.