Monday, August 24, 2009

No Punches

Yes, I done started working out in a funny place. You have to understand that this place can no longer be used for certain things, but it has been decided that living in this building is okay. So, they's a few people who lives there and in the basement they's a weight room. I walk a short distance and lift either alone or with everwho wants. There is mold a growin' up the walls and it smells of somethin' not so good. I was informed today that it floods in the winter and the wall is coming in. So, I might could have to find me a place to get fat! (according to certain people)

I am not punched in the stomach like some funny people does back home. I am certainly happy to note that it won't be happening here. I remember when my stomach was bruised cuz I'm so fat. LOL! No, actually it is cuz I was stupid enough to let people punch me in the stomach. It still makes me laugh until I almost fall on the ground. K-dogg also makes me laugh about it whenever he mentions it.

So, I have to pull out the punches this week and get everything lined up in my classroom. They's so much more that needs done. For example, I ain't got a phone or a clock that works. So, them things need some work. Who knows what this week will bring. Berry picking is around the corner for Tuesday and moving to my final destination upstairs will also be interesting. I'll have a phone which makes me super happy. Cell phones might could come in October, but I ain't holding my breath.


K-Dogg said...


K-Dogg said...

"might could come" oh boy! what dreadful language.