Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Cold Hard Town

Well, I'm here. There's so much to say that it ain't possible to post about everything to explain clearly what's been a goin on. I guess I'll break it up into parts and then you can start to understanding what's happening. From the start of this trip until now, I can't possibly figure out everything has actually happened to me. Good and bad. However, many details will not be expressed here as blogs are not appropriate for such issues. LOL!

Well, I got in two nights ago. First of all the airport in Detroit thru here is a trip. Notice the name of the city won't be mentioned. LOL! Just call it a cold hard place from now on, as the cold hard place is a gonna be right cold soon. The brakes on my plane were very much not in good condition over in Detroit. I remember sitting there just a thinkin', "Is this guy really gonna take off." We sit there for 2 hours until they fixed the brakes. It was not pleasant. There was a very big woman next to me with fat woman stench. I ain't sure how else to express it. So, I missed my connection to Denver. They put me up in the Crown Royale Hotel. It was just okay. I had 4 hours of sort of sleep. I was terrified that I was gonna miss my flight in the morning. I made it to the flight and had to add another stop onto my trip. So I went through Washington state and then on to Anchorage were I got to waitin. I checked in at the counter and was told to sit and wait. They said my bags was gonna be in the cold hard city. When they was boarding, I went up to the gate and they seen my ticket and said that it wadn't what they wanted or something. They asked me to step aside and they then told them to close the door on me. I had to go back up and update something on my ticket and wait 2 more hours. Not good. I flew out on the next flight that was also delayed. Then I arrived in the cold hard city where someone took me to where I stayed the night. At the airport was super funny. It is very very small and a Chinese lady randomly got off at the wrong stop and they almost took off without her. I felt bad, but it was still mighty funny.

The first day of work was the next morning. They's just new people there, so it was interesting. I hadn't done much sleeping compared to the 30 or so hours I was up or barely sleeping. It wadn't enough. I sit there all day and tried to soak it up. Then I went on a tour of the town. The banks just up the road and so is the town for that matter. They ain't much here. However, it ain't too small at the same time. The only thing that really really sucks here is the price of food. I can't believe it each time I think of it. Try $16 for 1/2 of a watermelon and $18 bucks for a pair of work gloves and $30 for a carry out Chinese. WTF? So, if you don't buy stuff here, it seems fine. However, if you do you are SOL. The Internet is right close to slow, but it still ain't that bad. I have a computer from work so until I get mine, I'll use this'n. I druther use my own. Anyways, that's a summary of some of the random stuff. Other stuff is better said in person. Y'uns know that I like to tell stories. LOL

A co-worker took me 'round town and to her house where she give me some stew. I didn't ask what type of meat it was. She's from Palin's home town. LOL! After that she took me to her friend's house. Hard to say!! More on them to come. I got home at 9 and all of my stuff had done been moved into a TINY room. I barely can fit on the bed. I'll be here til the end of the month and then to another room at this 'inn'. Today I woke up and randomly took a tour of the rest of my choices here in the 'inn' and settled on one. I met a new teacher who lived upstream in a village of 500. He come in on a boat last night and he said he seen a ton of beluga whales in the bay. Sounds cool. He invited me to go back to his village on Labor Day and hunt and fish. He said the village is super cool but down as 2 people have killed theirselves in the last few months. Who knows how that will go.

Now, I'm in my room surfing on the Web thinkin' about what's next. I might go down to a potluck at the ball field or wander down into town. The sun's a shinin' so I don't wanna waste today. It was raining the last 2 days. I do have an address now. If you wanna know it, just email me. I'd be happy to let you know what it is.


Burkulater said...

WHA! It'd be a lot easier to comprehend this if you wrote in English!

Glad you're there.

Probably, it was Beluga meat.

Probably, it would be really funny to see you hunt fish.

Probably, you should call your mere, because she was asking if we had heard from you today!

Burkulater said...

Oh, and we're glad you're there and safe and that you have your luggage.

hillary said...

Ray, you don't know how hard it was to understand that. For real.

My vote is for moose meat.