Thursday, August 6, 2009


I picked up a 'document' from WC3 today that was left there for the teachers to share with their students. It was all about people skills. I was annoyed at it in general so I picked it up and read it. You might ask why I care. Well... I love conversation so I thought that it might be interesting. Instead it was mighty lame.

Here is what was suggested:
1. Never interrupt: (studys of conversations prove that a good conversation always has overlapping communication, aka. 2 or more people talking at one time)
2. Confidential information: (I guess you should not share your SSN, but this really isn't common anyway.
3. Your health: If you can't talk about your health with your friends, what's the point of the friendship. How can people pray for you or help you if you don't talk about it?
4. Other people's health: If the other person has already brung it up..., what's the big deal?
5. Controversial subjects: This one killed me. Everything is controversial. These are the things that allow you to get to know the other person anyway. Why avoid them if you are really interested in having a good conversation? It is funny how the 'diversity club' does not want diversity of views just acceptance of the PC norm. LOL
6. How much things cost: Again, what's the big deal. If your friend got a good deal, you should be happy for them. I like deals! If they got ripped off the person should know about it and without conversation, this will never be known. Totally not important one way or the other.
7. Personal misfortunes: As long as it isn't a bunch of complaining, a story or two of this sort is always funny in a converstaion. Everyone likes to hear stories about bad/strange things that happened to their friends as long as nobody got hurt.
8. The final two I agree with. Stories in questionable taste and harmful gossip ain't really cool. I totally agree with these.

So all in all, my school wants conversations to be about nothing important. It is just a sad reminder of how society wants people to become more and more distant. Without sharing what's really going on in our lives, more and more people will feel left out and depressed.


K-Dogg said...

i have genital warts.

Burkulater said...

according to this, you have no personal skills.