Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Right Place

I've went to right places and wrong places. You know, the type of places that makes you feel either good or bad as soon as you grace their doors. Each new place gives you a feeling of sorts. Ain't sure how to explain it. The sort of 'spirit' that the people give off or the feeling of feeling welcome. They's been many a time when I've felt like I was in the right place here in Alaska. Not too much yet has given me the feeling of wanting to just jet 'home'. However, for the last bit of time I've been thinking I've been blown away. I couldn't have planned this life. When I do plan, it don't work out.

I went to a church today that was unlike the one I went to last week. I was taken off guard. Remember that I went to Korea and never felt as if I was in the right place. Church was a building and one in which I felt like I was on a different planet. I couldn't have planned today. In fact, I tried to go to a different church and whoever picked me up took me to a different church than I had thought I was going to. I contacted someone online and they sent me back a email saying that someone would pick me up. No time was given. I just got into the car like I so often do in the Cold Hard Town. Feelings are fleeting, but I have confidence that this is where I'll spend a fair amount of time. One more element of life has fallen into place here. I've been a waitin' on a few things and here they are showing up in abundance.

I may feel differently here in a few days or weeks, but now that I have been showed Sirius on my TV, my computer times are filled with joy listening to my music. Things are splendid at worst today.


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K-Dogg said...

how comes you don't talk the ways ya write?

did anybody bark in the spirit at the new church? it's a bad sign if they's aint gotten the Spirit ya know.

High on the Hog said...

How come you are crazy?