Monday, October 25, 2010

Work and Worry

I dream of donuts.  What the heck?  I took me the most amazing rest for 3 entire hours on Sunday.  Why?  I been workin' like an idiot.  Everyone calls off at the lame donut castle, so I end up covering shifts after already being scheduled lots.  The (sorry for putting they. It was a MISTAKE) money I earn is enough to pay for the gas to get there. Ha!

I've had lots to worry about.  I ain't sayin' that I should have been filled with worry, but I'm human I guess.  I wonder how I'll pay for this and that and how I can be two places at once.  I noticed that everyone I know is feeling the same way.  They's this thing called worry that is not a good thing.  It gives stress which is worse.  Then you end up sick and doing less than before.  The good thing is that I give up on all of it about 1 month ago.  At least for now, I ain't worried.  I just go with the flow and do what needs done and that's it.

So, I met this random person from India the other day.  I love random people.  It was amazing cuz he works at a donut shop too. ROFL!  How did you know??  No for real....., each and every time I've seen this guy I felt like I should tell him about Jesus.  I see tons of people every day and I must say that there are only a few people every year that I feel like I should tell them ........................  Well, I finally did tell him.  The funny thing is it wadn't the least bit strange.  It was just a 10 min. conversation.  I guess there have been a few others who have explained it to him, but he still doesn't get it.  Now I have to find him a Hindi Bible.  He told me that he ain't able to understand English that well.  He asked me how much it cost and I told him that I didn't know.  He thought I was a liar. LOL.  How would I know how much a Hindi Bible costs off of the top of my head?? Really??????


OneBigHappy said...

Hey! Look here:

Eliezer Sagansay said...

baller! tell them about Jesus!