Monday, November 22, 2010

Rotten Apples and Candy Apples

I've noticed that it's easier to find a rotten apple in a church than anywhere else.  I used to make me mad.  I would ask myself why this was.  I'd get angry at the church.  I'd question anyone who'd listen.  I'd argue with people because I saw it one way and they saw it another.  I've recently come to another understanding.

There's rotten apples everywhere you go.  It's sad, but it is true.  They ain't one place where people gather in groups where there ain't a idiot.  However, the awesome thing is that it is easier to find and notice jerks at church because they are among lots of people that are far from rotten.  There are simply more rotten people in other places.  I refuse to allow rotten apples to ruin all that's good in my church.  They are so few and far between.  I love apples, and rotten ones are just what they are.... rotten.  What else is there to say!

Candy apples are the best I've ever eat in my entire life. I am always willing to pay a pretty penny for them.  I would spend 2.99 every day for one in the Cold Hard Town.  Now that I ain't there, I can get 3 for the same price.  It sure is different to pay 1/3 the price for the same thing.  I was so much more thankful for that apple when it cost more.  It is funny how that works.  Apples come in all shapes and sizes and serve all types of purposes.  I am so glad that apples exist even if some of them cost a lot of money.

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OneBigHappy said...

Rotten apples need Jesus too. -- Great post. Great great post.