Monday, November 29, 2010


I was raised in a family that visits.  I don't understand having a life without it.  It simply don't make sense. People can't know each other without it.  Where has this idea vanished to?  Where has it gone?  Sitting 'round the table for hours is just what my family does.  We might move to the couch or not, but an hour isn't enough and it is even seen as rude.  I ain't got a clue how people visits for shorter than that.  We seriously don't hide much if anything about much.  The cold hard truth is said first and it is usually difficult, but hey.. why not?

I've had a few visits that were really cool in the last week.  I'm lucky to get two good visits in a week.  The first one was for a friend's 5 year old bro.  He's in a Muslim family, so bringing a huge Christmas stocking over surely ain't never happened.  I got a stocking bigger than him and packed the bottom with newspaper and filled the rest with some random gifts.  When I walked in the house, my friend's mom looked at me like I was a alien.  It was a bit funny.  She quickly run off to make me some food and my friend's bro was super excited to get his gifts.  She finally come and and visit with us for a few minutes.  After all the gift stuff, we left and my friend told me that when he was 5 a Christian lady would always come over and give gifts and share about Jesus with the family.  He's so thankful for that experience and he's sure that it is a major infulence in his decision for Jesus. 

The most recent visit was with my mom's aunt.  She's the one who is a out of control protector of me.  She's barely able to walk, but she'd kill anyone for talking trash on me.  I'm serious!  She's just so blunt and honest about everything.  It cracks us all up.  She has a fairly limited understanding about the world, but they ain't a single important thing that she don't know for sure.  Interesting how that works!!  Don't ever tell her that you'll bring her something, cuz she'll never forget and she'll even remind you 3-5 times.  It cracks me up.  However, how would you know this unless you was to visit?  It just gets to me that there are so so so many people who just about nobody pays any mind to and they are everywhere.

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