Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I used to go to this cafe about 5 times a week named 'F-hole'.  Don't get no nasty thoughts in your mind.  The owner didn't speak English, but he was a music major in university.  He had a dream to open a cafe and he did just that.  He named it after the pattern on a violin.  He had no idea until we foreigners started to frequent his awesome little shop.  Well, them days are gone.  The little cafe with real ham sandwiches is long gone.  One of my favorite things is gone.  I loved it because he'd play exactly the kind of music that I like and I could call him and place my order then show up and it would be all ready.

They's this new place that my friends have started going to.  It's called 'Beyond'.  It ain't no F-hole.  The drinks are terrible and the prices are high.  We had singings there and some people used to read poetry.  Most of the people would read some serious funny things that they had wrote, but others just sit there and listened.  It was so chill.  Wednesday nights ain't the same no more.  The F-hole sort of moved on to 'Beyond', but it is beyond lame at 'Beyond'.

So, they's sort of a bit of a hole in my schedule.  I've filled it with Korean lessons with a friend, but I kind of miss getting out of the Korean feeling and meeting up with some of my international friends.  It's people from just about every English speaking country that you can think of and many of them are pretty funny.  I miss it.

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