Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Just Want to Sleep

Today I wanted to sleep more than anyone could imagine.  I worked all day at a job that is far from hard in most ways, but it drains your soul in other ways.  I don't never know what is going on, even when I try.  I've give up having that under my belt.  I just sit there and wait for information that I know ain't never going to come.  I do what needs done and don't do what don't need done.  In this land, making it look as if you got tons to do is so important.  But..., they ain't nothing to do.  They's nothing I can do about that.  I've planned most all of what needs planned for the rest of the entire year.  No joke.

I was tired, so I went to a restaurant that serves Indian food.  The owner is from Nepal.  This is very strange in Korea.  I was too tired to cook today, so I spent 10 bucks on some chicken and rice.   I could have come home and cooked, but today was my late day at work.  I was just tired.  I wanted to sleep like nobody knows.  Just as I was finishing my food, my phone rung.  It was one of the golden 10 who came to Korea with me.  He works with my former coworker who I used to know way back when.

He let me know that my friend who was pregnant and sick 5 years ago when I was in Korea is again in the same boat.  He works with her this time.  How crazy is that?  She is one of those people who know from the first time you meet them, that it is almost impossible to not keep in contact with them for the rest of your life.  It is just way out of control.  My friend who works with her now said that to me about 2 weeks after he met her for the first time.  So, we drug ourselves to a hospital on the other side of town to see our friend.  Her 6 year old kid was waiting for us there.  He gets so excited because he has 'foreign' friends. It is quite funny to see.  So, after being so tired, I forced myself to go and see my friend.  It was well worth it.  The family was funny and our mutual friend made it all the more crazy funny.  Living here is just so random and many times it makes you so so so tired.  Despite being tired, it was all worth it.

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