Friday, November 4, 2011

Sex Slave

So, my church had a screening of a film called Nefarious.  It documented how girls get picked up off of the streets or sold to the sex trade industry in many places.   I guess South Koreans are the most frequent people who are sold into the sex industry in the US.  I saw how people in Cambodia often sell their girls.  How does people treat their kids as property?  I just don't get it.

I guess these girls just get used to feeling as if they are worthless and without hope.  So, if someone offers them another option, they rarely accept it.  If they do accept the new option, 90% or more return to the industry within a year.  The whole thing was just creepy to me.  It give me chills.  Either seeing no other option or wanting to go back to beatings and rapes rather than confront the cold hard facts.  This ain't cool.  Wow..  It just made me sick to watch.

Where there is legal activity going on, you can be sure that there is illegal activity going on as well.  Why does a legal industry publish safety ideas for their workers if it has truly made their work any more safer? I just feel that we need to be more vocal for human rights about this. Sweden has almost got rid of the industry because they decided that they have to do it to provide equal rights for men and women.  How much more do believers have responsibility to tackle this evil industry.

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