Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Knowing the Future

I've always wanted to be able to know the future.  I like to plan and I like to try to do this and that.  I have right close to every day planned out for a week in advance.  Most of the time, I end up doing most of the things that I have planned.  However, I think I've passed into being anxious about the future at times.  I know that they ain't nothing that I can do to change the future.  Many of the times, there is almost nothing that I can do to even control my life in even the smallest way.  The lucky thing is that I am finally getting to the point again that I realize that I ain't in control of my path.  I walk the path, but my steps are on the ground ahead of me as I walk.  I just put my foot right in the print.  Sometimes, I ain't smart enough to realize that I have misstepped.  Who knows? I don't... that's for sure.

I come to Korea with 300 teachers.  We done orientation together and went off to our schools all over the 'Land of the Morning Calm'.  All of the areas have told their teachers if they gonna stay for next year.  I mean, most of the people have signed the contracts and done the blood tests.  We have to get AIDS tests cuz the are a-scared that we foreigners might could have the bug.  So, there I sit in my school just thinking about how my city was the last of the cities to send out the renewal papers.  I emailed the main office and they give me the news that the papers would be sent out by the end of this month.  Despite all of this, I asked my co-teacher if she knew what would happen.  I figure that they must know if they gonna keep me after 2/3 of the year.  They talked it over and finally told me that I am gonna stay.  Well, that's the word now.  Let's see what next month brings.

I'd like to go home for the holiday, but I get 4 weeks vacation in summer, so I plan on doing that.  That means that I'll be here and I won't be a doin' much over the Christmas break.  I hope that the holiday is not so bad.  I 'member that the last time I was here during that time  

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